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Laughter: A Remedy for Recovery, Why Not?

Posted: August 17, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Recovery Place


“Laughter is the best medicine”

That sounds too familiar, if not cliché, right? Who hasn’t heard this saying a thousand times in our lives? It’s a general cure for any disease and a significant recipe for a healthy life. Hence, generally speaking, you can freely incorporate this mantra on your way to recovery because things can get pretty serious when you’re on the road to recovery. After all, you’re battling a problem that has the power to kill you. So when things get really tough during the addiction treatment process, find time to smile and make fun. It’s as simple as that.

One of life’s natural medications is laughter. The brain sends out signals that trigger the production of endorphins, neurochemicals that serve as natural mood boosters. Because of this, you’ll feel a heightened sense of motivation to keep on track in the recovery process. Believe it or not, happiness is a fantastic antidote for depression. Dealing with your past experiences that have anything to do with embarrassment, shame, or other negative feelings during recovery can really beat you up. At some point, you will be required to do some honest reflection and deep soul-searching. To deal with these serious matters, it is very important to laugh.

So where and how can you put laughter in your day?

Find Humor in the past

Eventually, you’ll start to see humor in your past behaviors as you progress through treatment. You may recall some awkward moments in your life when you were still actively engaged in drug or alcohol addiction. Being able to fun at yourself provides a reminder that you never want to commit those mistakes again.

Always find the bright side

Make a conscious decision every day to look at the bright side of everything. It may take a while to perfect that craft but that’s to be expected.  The door to heart-felt and genuine glee opens wider and wider as time goes by. So commit yourself to starting with a simple smile and work on other emotional issues to fully appreciate a perfect laugh.

You can see and experience things from a brand new perspective by adding a pinch of humor to the whole recipe of recovery. You’ll definitely learn to recognize how much you have grown and how strong you have become by allowing positivity and hilarity in your life.

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