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Addiction Treatment Place Recovery

At an early age, people are aware that anger is a negative emotion and something that must be suppressed. But, people in addiction recovery are often having a harder time in overcoming it. As they begin to live a life away from addiction, various emotions usually occur and anger is one of these emotions. All […]


“Laughter is the best medicine” That sounds too familiar, if not cliché, right? Who hasn’t heard this saying a thousand times in our lives? It’s a general cure for any disease and a significant recipe for a healthy life. Hence, generally speaking, you can freely incorporate this mantra on your way to recovery because things […]

Are You an Alcoholic Things That You Need to Do

Identifying and treating alcohol or drug addiction early gives an individual a much better chance of being successful in their recovery from substance addiction. That means the sooner an alcoholic becomes aware of his alcoholism, the better. But a lot of alcoholics are not aware they even have a problem until it’s too late for […]

Activities in being sober

Having a long-term plan is important in recovering from addiction. This then requires dedication to abstaining from drug and alcohol. For someone who has completed addiction treatment and wishes to stay sober, there are activities that can help them achieve long-term recovery. So what are these? Talk Regularly Being listened to and supported is one […]