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Anger Management: A tool in maintaining Abstinence

Posted: August 28, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Recovery Place

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At an early age, people are aware that anger is a negative emotion and something that must be suppressed. But, people in addiction recovery are often having a harder time in overcoming it. As they begin to live a life away from addiction, various emotions usually occur and anger is one of these emotions.

All individual will certainly get angry in some sort. This kind of emotion may occur whenever people feel mistreated or frustrated in some way, but recovering addicts tend to have difficulty in expressing their emotions and managing their anger properly. Anger becomes extremely unhealthy and dangerous when combined with substance abuse. Uncontrolled anger can lead the addict in further abuse of alcohol or drugs. Addiction Treatment Recovery Place considers anger as a powerful trigger towards relapse because this is how addicts dealt with this kind of emotion in the past, so they are most likely to abuse drugs or alcohol again in order to numb the anger.

Therefore, Addiction Treatment Recovery Place is aware that learning anger management is an important part in the process of overcoming substance addiction. When anger and other negative emotions are not dealt properly during the substance addiction programs, the likelihood of the patient in experiencing relapse will increase.  The continuous use of substance abuse often worsens the person feeling of anger and resentment that commonly direct them in continuing their destructive behavior. Most of the time, developing anger management tools while participating in substance addiction programs is the only way to break the cycle if substance addiction in a person’s life.

Anger upsurges Relapse

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions that a recovering addict will probably experience any time in the process of addiction recovery. At some point in time, patients will experience frustration and lack of progress while recovering from their addiction and this may be the reason for them to feel angry. When this time comes, they may not feel happy in recovery and begin in remembering the “good times” they had when they were still using addictive substance like alcohol and drugs. This will also cause them the inability to think rationally and clearly due to the feeling of resentment. At this point, recovering individuals will most likely to return to their negative behavior.

It is a real challenge for everyone to properly manage anger, especially those who are in recovery. Addiction Treatment Recovery Place suggests seeking professional help if anger seems uncontrollable or if it causes someone to do thing that hurts themselves or the people around them. Fortunately, several anger management classes and counseling are offered in many rehab centers as part of their comprehensive substance addiction programs.

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